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Because apparently I have a knack for falling in love with dark-haired, angsty, rich boys who can fly.

FIC: Wrong (Tony/Bruce, PG-13)

Title: Wrong
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tony/Bruce
Fandom: Avengers (movieverse)
Warning: May be triggery to trans* peeps, contains turned-into-a-girl-and-not-happy-about-it!Tony
A/N: Written for avengerskink for the following prompt (yes, I asked permission to change the pairing):

Basically gender and sexual-orientation messing-aboutnessCollapse )

He likes the dark now.Collapse )

My Brain, It Is Useless

I want to post about the Avengers, which I really enjoyed, but all I can come up with is:

Iron Man/Hulk = OMGOTP4EVA.

Yup. That's it. Oh, and also Thor/Loki. Guh.

... Er, yes, I'm sorta writing fanfic. For both of those pairings.

*is off to look for comms and icons*


Cabin in the Woods

I just saw it for the second time this afternoon...


A Debate on the Individualist Nature of US SocietyCollapse )

Anyone else seen it?

For those that want to know without being spoiled: Yes, it is pretty gory in places, but it is all over-the-top horror movie gore, so for me, it wasn't too disturbing. YMMV. Also, no, it's not just a horror movie, but that is all I will say outside a cut.

ETA: Anyone else notice that the IMDB message boards are really annoying, both in terms of technical stuff and content? Sheesh.


Original Fic Prompts?

I'm open to any quick writing prompts, any genre, kinky/sexy or not, so long as they are original fic not fanfiction, because I'm not really into any fandoms at the moment... Yes, I am okay with a prompt for, say, an angsty guy with superpowers or something like that, so long as it is not a particular angsty guy with superpowers... (It still hurts, people. STILL.) I'm trying to work on my character development/exposition/world building skills.

Anything goes... if it squicks me too much I just won't write it (my kink tolerance has slipped a bit since my Heroes heyday). ;) Feel free to comment anonymously.

Oh, and just in case anyone's interested, prompts relating to I Just Play One On TV are acceptable, even though I do kind of feel like that would be writing fanfic for my own story.

In other news, I do not understand the logic of LJ regarding which icons I got to keep and which I did not, now that I am amongst the unpaid crowd... *eyes LJ oddly*

Trying to write...

Does anyone out there remember who I am and want to read some original fic bits? All m/m stuff, one's brotherly incest unrelated to Petrelli's, one's secretary/boss, one's a rewrite of the Alex/Vince (from my novel) first (well, second...) time from Alex's POV. I'm trying to get my writing fu back and I think I need an audience to do it... I'm on AIM, YIM, and Google chat, always trkkr47... *waves at fandom from a distance*

Blog Post

A post on my pro blog answering the question re: I Just Play One on TV: "Is this book fanfiction?"

Post is HERE, in case anyone wants to chime in. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. :)

Pro Blog

I have started a pro blog here: http://turnerbooks.blogspot.com/ if anyone is interested! Right now all that's there is my featured-author interview.

Numbers and Such to Obsess Over

Last night I was briefly #95 out of all the books in the "Gay" category at Amazon! Woo! Hee hee hee. This numbers and lists thing is not going to be good for me, I sense.

Currently, I'm number 15,000-something out of all the paid eBooks on Amazon... Just in case you were wondering. Which I'm sure you were.

Oh, and I also got a really nice (but spoilery!!!) review on GoodReads here. I'm not sure if that's one of you guys or not, but I think it might actually be someone I don't know. Let me know if it's you so I can hug you virtually...


I thought it would take longer, but apparently my book is available NOW on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk! Which means you can a) read it on your Kindle and b) not have to sign up at Torquere if you don't want to.

Amazon.com version is here and the Amazon.co.uk version is here.